Let’s Get Crafting!

Crafting is one of our most favourite activities at Auntie Sarah’s Childminding.

It’s a great way of helping the children interact with each other, hone their creative skills and develop their hand/eye coordination and motor skills.

It’s also a great way for you to spend time with them and have some fun.

Here are some simple crafting tips that you can try at home with your children during the school holidays or at weekends:

Handprint Valentine Card
This card is easy to make and can be used for Mother’s Day or a birthday card also! You can choose whatever colours you like and it’s easy enough that kids can do most of this card by themselves! Making the hearts is a good way to practice drawing shapes. And writing “love messages” inside the card will make this a keepsake to treasure for years!

Cereal Box Aquarium
There’s something fun about turning a piece of cardboard headed for the recycling bin into something else! Do you remember ever doing shoe box crafts as a kid? I remember making a shoe box manger and it was one of my favourite activities in school. This is a similar idea (you could do a shoe box aquarium too!) but this is using a cereal box! This cereal box aquarium is so much fun to make and such a fun craft to keep afterwards too.

Paper Plate Easter Sewing Craft
This fun paper plate craft is a perfect spring kids craft or Easter Craft for Preschoolers, great for practising beginning sewing skills and working on strengthening fine motor skills for preschoolers. Grab some colourful paper plates, yarn and a few other materials and get ready for an afternoon full of Easter crafting fun!

Lucky Footprint 4 Leaf Clover – St Patrick’s Day Paper Craft for Kids
A great way of celebrating St Patrick’s day is to make a footprint four leaf clover which is a fun craft that also make a cute keepsake. Preschool and kindergarten aged children might enjoy learning about lucky charms and what they mean.

Flower Button Art Cards
This would be an excellent activity to make for kids to bring home as a surprise for mum or grandma. Reception or even preschool-aged students would be able to make these adorable cards themselves and we love how every card is unique!

Christmas Tree Pasta Art
There’s something festive about crafting with pasta and macaroni over Christmas. That’s why we couldn’t resist making some fun pasta art this season! These Christmas tree pasta and macaroni craft cards are perfect for kids to make! Simply make them as art, cards or even glue onto cardboard to turn them into ornaments!

These are just a few of the hundreds of ideas online that you can find to keep your little ones occupied and spend quality time with them having fun crafting throughout the year.

Get creative with items from around the home or visit craft stores to get inspired by ideas to help your child enjoy designing their own individual and priceless artwork.

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