Sharing the Love on Valentines

With the annual ‘Day of Love’ just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share some ways that you can create some fun cards and gift with your children which they can give to their friends, grandparents, mummy, daddy or any other family member they adore.

Colourful Love Heart Cards – using coloured paper and safety scissors, children can cut out heart shapes and stick them on the front of their cards with little messages or faces. A really simple and fun creation for little ones of all ages.

Love Heart Tags – for older children who like to sew, these love heart tags are a beautiful and creative gift and a great keep sake. Using needlework fabric, felt or old scraps of material, they can cut out their love hearts, make colourful bows and sew or stick them to their love heart shapes, adding a ribbon tag and will look great attached to a gift bag or box.

Valentines Cookies – most children love to bake, so why not get them to make some heart shaped valentines’ cookies that they can decorate with pink or white icing in a pattern of their choice? A great gift for friends and family.

Valentines Cupcakes – I don’t believe in making things difficult, actually the simpler the better, so grab a cake mix of your choice from your local supermarket, along with come love heart sugar shapes, red cupcake cases and ribbon and you’re on your way to making a delicious gift.

Chocolate Coated Strawberries – another really easy but effective homemade gift to make are white or milk chocolate coated strawberries. Just melt some chocolate, dip them in and pipe some more of the chocolate or white icing to decorate. Place them in the fridge until the chocolate and icing has set before serving.

Love Heart Sweet Jar – using clean jars from your kitchen, children can add in heart shaped sweets and decorate the jar with ribbons and flowers to make a lovely decorative gift for their friends or family members.

Marshmallow Sprinkle Pops – a great gift for anyone with a sweet tooth, these marshmallow sprinkle pops look attractive and can be quickly made by sticking the marshmallows onto a kebab stick and dipping them in chocolate or icing and covering them with multicoloured sprinkles of your choice.

Valentines Poem – have fun with your children creating a poem expressing how much they love their mum, dad, grandparents or friends. Whether they prefer to use humour or loving words, this is another wonderful keepsake gift that they can share.

Valentines Gift Basket – after making all these gifts, you need something to put them in, right? Visit a local craft shop and you’ll find a range of gift baskets that you and your child can decorate with flowers and ribbons like this example, to make an attractive container for all your gifts.

We all know that valentines’ day is not the only day we should be showing each other love but having fun and being creative with these gifts is a great way of making it extra an extra special day.

So, whatever you get up to, enjoy the day with your loved ones.


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